We are Europe • Ukraine: Cultural Life, Two Years Later

We are Europe • Ukraine: Cultural Life, Two Years Later

As part of the EU.TOPIA season at la Gaîté Lyrique, the media We are Europe is taking over the first-floor of the Parisian venue for a series of talks bringing together artists as well as cultural and media players from all over Europe.

From Porto to Tbilisi, Kyiv or Budapest, the series of talks will present  initiatives, stories and realities of different personalities in the European cultural and media sphere. Imagined as a geopolitical atlas of live culture, this cycle aims at outlining the contours of another Europe, embodied by projects and personalities with artistic visions and alternative narratives capable of addressing the major challenges of our time.

This live talk at la Gaîté Lyrique will gather both in-person and online speakers to share their local experiences remotely. All talks will be held in English.

➔ 22.02 - Ukraine: Cultural Life, Two Years Later
19:00 - 21:00

Two years after the start of the massive invasion of Ukraine by Russia, We are Europe gives a platform to the Ukrainian cultural and artistic scene to report on the state of the ecosystem that persists in carrying out projects despite the current context. From Lviv to Kharkiv, passing through Kyiv, this program reveals the realities in which artists and cultural actors operate during wartime.

In partnership with Institut ukrainien and Kometa

With : 

  • Pavlo Matyusha - on the spot (Ukrainian Institute l UA)
  • Anton Nazarko (Some People l UA) - online
  • Bozhena Pelenska (Jam Factory Art Center l UA) - online : Bozhena Pelenska is the program and executive director of the Jam Factory Art Center, a contemporary art center based in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • Haydée Sabéran (Kometa l FR) - on the spot  : Haydée Sabéran is deputy editor-in-chief of Kometa, a magazine looking towards the East to understand today’s world.
  • Anastasiia SYRADOIEVA (∄ l​​ UA) - online : Anastasiia Syradoieva is head of ∄, a cultural institution located in Kyiv, Ukraine and co-founder of the volunteer organisation fighting for sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine AIDx10.
Next events :
➔ March 21st 19:00 - 21:00 - The independence of the cultural sector and the media in Europe
➔ April 17th 19:00 - 21:00 - Towards a more inclusive European cultural scene for people with disabilities?
➔ May 23rd 19:00 - 21:00 - Can festivals and environmental sobriety work together?
➔ June 20th 19:00 - 21:00 - Hospitality and solidarity at work in the European cultural and artistic scenes for new comers

We are Europe :

We are Europe has emerged in 2015 through a Creative Europe cooperation between 8 festivals across Europe, and was led by French non-profit organisation Arty Farty. Originally designed to enhance co-curation activities notably in terms of festival programming, the cooperation evolved with the creation of a media platform in order to put the spotlight on inspiring change makers, who are shaping the future of European culture. While the cooperation ended in 2022, Arty Farty keeps using We are Europe as a media platform able to reflect on culture in Europe, based on the contemporary challenges that we are all facing: independence, inclusion and diversity, youth and transmission, resources and financing, as well as sustainability.

As a European digital media aggregation platform, We are Europe aims at creating a new space to share the cultural transformations that are shaping Europe. This platform features written, talked or visual stories throughout the year, from all over the continent, and from different European projects, as told by the very people who are driving change in all areas of society.

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