La Gaîté Lyrique – Factory of our times
La Gaîté Lyrique is a City of Paris cultural center that seeks to address pressing cultural, social, democratic and climate issues. The Factory of our times project combines creation and social engagement to help people put ideas into practice as they gather together for a concert, roundtable, drink, performance, workshop or screening. La Gaîté Lyrique is open daily to support a new generation of talents, break down barriers between practices and audiences, and build new narratives on a European scale. La Gaîté Lyrique – Factory of our times offers new ways to create and act together, hand in hand with artists, activists, thinkers and changemakers.

Living in the present: a place for everyday life 

Open daily starting on May 12, La Gaîté Lyrique is a place for people and groups to congregate both during the day and in the evening, on weekdays and weekends. A place where everyone feels at home. Located in the heart of Paris, the center aims to coordinate and break down barriers between communities from different backgrounds and areas, who can commingle and interact, building the collective. A work in progress, Factory of our times stands as an antidote to isolation and negativism. 

Shaping the times: a place for social engagement and fun 

Factory of our times pursues a pluralistic artistic vision composed around each partner, like a musical score for several voices. It draws from their singularity while building on a foundation of common values, chief among which interconnectedness, depolarization and social engagement. Telling the story of our time calls for a chorus of voices, to embrace complexity and emerge unified. 

No boundaries between disciplines have been set in bringing this vision to life. La Gaîté Lyrique seeks to establish a dialogue between all artistic fields (music, dance…) and the social sphere, philosophy, gastronomy, media, sports, ecology, the creative industry, childhood, and adolescence. Pop culture, a marker of our time, emerges at the intersection of all these fields. 

Sharing the era: a place to amplify voices 

La Gaîté Lyrique is preparing to support and connect people working to make a positive impact on our lives. Artists, cultural organizations, activists, scientists, companies in the social and solidarity economy, and local authorities come to La Gaîté Lyrique to advance their projects, broaden their perspective, expand their skillset, and forge ties. They channel culture and art to inspire wide audiences and make a real difference. 

Now more than ever, it’s vital to foster young people’s ability to initiate and develop projects, to form networks and establish partnerships. It’s critical to elevate their civic-minded initiatives and their environmental, social and  societal responsibilities.