My Sisters Lives Matter Ball

Ball by The Legendary Vinii Revlon and Shylee "Kaarisma" LaDurée

Par The Legendary Vinii Revlon et Shylee "Kaarisma" LaDurée

My Sisters Lives Matter Ball

The Legendary Vinii Revlon, Shylee "Kaarisma" LaDurée and the Gaîté Lyrique present My Sisters Lives Matter Ball, an international competition of the ballroom scene, which pays tribute to all the black women who fought for their rights.

In memory of trans-afroamerican activist Marsha P. Johnson, found dead in 1992. Rights activist for LGBTQI+ people and HIV-positive people, recognized as one of the initiators of the Stonewall uprising, she is also an artistic figure of New York's LGBTQI + scene from the 1960s to the 1990s.

My Sisters Lives Matter Ball is a tribute to all the black women who fought for their rights. These women said "no" to their destiny and showed us by the force of their words, their actions and their lives that we could change the future. It is this strength, but also this determination and courage, that we wish to celebrate. Afrofeminists, activists, rebels, anti-conformists, anti-patriarchal, anti-racists, be ready! Because it is the point raised that it will be necessary to come and convince the jury.

Gaîté is voguing

Since 2016, we have been igniting to the rhythms of battles of gestures, voguing and fashion, postures and impostures, by questioning social and identity standards. By hosting balls at the Gaîté Lyrique, we are committed to offering the festive arena to the host houses to support the culture of the ballroom scene.


And the category is...

  •  Label : Rihanna loves to wear a full look with one brand only sometimes! So from head to toe, come and serve on the runway with only one brand!
  • Body (FF Female Figure / MF Male Figure): 
    When it comes to body Serena Williams is always a grand prize, bring a tennis look to the party.

  •  Hands Performance: 
    In black and white, your performance is a way to say "no" like Rosa Parks did to the white men when they ask her to sit on the back of the bus.

  • Arms Control: 
    Like Angela Davis, rights activist and old black panther member, come dressed in all black.

  •  Executive Realness: 
    Michelle Obama was a first lady from the United States. Rokhaya Diallo is a journalist, writer and feminist and anti-racist activist. Like them, adopt a classy and chic look, with a touch of color.

  • Thug Realness (Mf Male Figure / FF Female Figure): Get inspired by on of the looks of the NY superstar YOUNG M.A.

  • Face (Woman face / Male figure face / Femqueen face / Drag face / Non Binary Face): 
    Honor Crystal Labeija, the emblematic figure of the ballroom scene, by coming with a white, glamorous and chic look.

  • Old Way:
    Bintou Dembélé is one of the pionneer of the hip-hop scene in France, the hoodie is a powerful tool in her work, so bring one and be ready to serve.

  •  Lipsync
    For your tens, you are free to pick any song of the queen Nina Simone except those ones : Feeling Good, Mississipi Goddam and I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel Be Free (those three song gonna be served for the battles, so you better learn them...).

- break -

  •  Sex Siren (FF Female Figure / MF Male Figure: 
    Like Laverne Cox in the serie "Orange is the New Black", come in a prisoner outfit but a sexy and cunt one.

  • New Way: 
    Bintou Dembélé is one of the pionneer of the hip-hop scene in France, the hoodie is a powerful tool in her work, so bring one and be ready to serve.

  • Bizarre
    Mae Jamison was the first black woman to ever go to space, so be the bizarrest astronaut.

  • Best Dressed (FF Female Figure / MF Male Figure): 
    In 1972, Shirley Chislhom was the first black person ever to be candidate for a major party’s nomination for the Presidency of the USA, and on top of that, she always had a unic look do your rechearch.

  • School Boy / Girl Realness: 
    For your tens, you’ll have to bring a little expose about one of those two women : Maya Angelou or Assa Traore.

  • Runway (All American / European): 
    Katoucha Niane and Naomi Campbell were among those who paved the way for black women in the modeling scene. Be inspired by one of their emblematic look and bring the receitps.

  • Performance (Femqueen performance / Drags performance / Women performance / Butchqueen Vogue fem / Twister / Baby Vogue / Baby Oldway):
    Like Beyonce Giselle Carter at the 2016 Superbowl, be an unbelievable version of a black panther, be creative. 7 trophies are to win!

  • Transmen Realness :
    In a Black Suit bring it like KYLAR BROADUS an attorney who focuses on LGBT law and transgender rights. He is the founder and director of the Trans People of Color Coalition, the only national organization dedicated to the civil rights of transgender people of color.

  • Pretty Boy Realness / Pretty Girl Realness :
     In a Red and White look Represent The HIV/AIDS awareness Ribbon.

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