Jack Mizrahi Gucci Birthday Ball Paris 2024

Back In Da Day

Jack Mizrahi Gucci Birthday Ball Paris 2024

Bip, you have a message :

"Paris, my love for you as the European Epicenter of Ballroom continues. I appreciate your commitment to upholding ballroom community standards and establishing your own legacy in the process. Thank you for your continued loving support and respect for me from my first trip til now and in the future. 

This ball is dedicated to all the incredible, inspiring Icons and Legends of the ballroom who impacted me during my first few years in the ballroom scene. So, let's take a trip back in time to the ballroom categories and traditions of "Back in Da Day" when I first came out. "

With Love, 
Jack Mizrahi - Givenchy - Mizrahi - Gorgeous Gucci 



***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***


“In the name of Hugh Revlon, Kenny Dupree’ - MF Best Dressed - Leather vs Suede - 1 Trophy
This classic category is back, but this time as a best-dressed statement. I want to see the best-dressed male figure featuring all leather, all suede, or a mixture of both. 

‘Smooth as Silk” FF Best Dressed - Linen vs Silk - 1 Trophy 
I’ve won this for BQ’s as a sportswear category multiple times. So tonight, ladies, bring me your finest look in all linen, all silk, or a mixture of both. 

“Fashion Killa” - OTA 2 Trophies Male Figure| Female Figure - 1 Trophy 
High Fashion Fever At my first ball, the late great Tina Montona lit the runway from head to toe with her authentic yellow and white Versace print, sealing the night. Bring a brightly colored look that outshines everyone else, and it needs to be Versace-inspired to claim THEE FASHION KILLA of the ball. 

“Send in The Royals” - OTA Best Dressed for official Royal House Members - 2 Trophies MF |FF
The royal titles in houses are very important they ensure the legacy and traditions of your bloodline will live on through dedicated members. With a fab crown on your head tonight, proudly represent your house and title with a best-dressed look. You must be an official royal member of your house. (Queen Mother, King Father, Grand Dames, Emperor, Empress, King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke and Dutchess only) 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

Let us bring runway back to fashion and not costumes. The Ahoy categories were an opportunity to showcase one-of-a-kind looks, not bought but created. Let's honor all the greats who slayed this category. PARIS is the place to see the rebirth of these categories. 

Skirts Ahoy - Male Figure Tall Boys Runway - 1 Trophy 
n the name of the Iconic Chris Labeija 
Serve your walk with an outstanding one-of-a-kind, creative, fashionable skirt that will sway and serve that attitude.

Shorts Ahoy - Male Figure Small Boys Runway - 1 Trophy 
In the Name of the Iconic Tiny Labeija 
Some say small boys do it better, but your one-of-a-kind pair of shorts gives your runway nemesis something to talk about. Be creative and fashionable. 

Shirts Ahoy - Male Figure Big Boys Runway - 1 Trophy 
In the name of the Iconic Eric Milan 
Grace and style, forget the smile is the attitude that I want. Bring an incredible one-of-a-kind shirt and walk like you own everything. 

Pants - Suit Ahoy - Female Figure Runway - 3 Trophies FQ | BQD | Women 
In the name of the Iconic Peppa Oran Montana 
She slays the runway in a sickening one-of-a-kind Pant Suit (Blazer and pants) 

Trench Coats Ahoy - OTA All American Runway - 1 Trophy 
In the name of the Icon Devin Elite. 
The stern walk, with a sickening one-of-a-kind trench coat, what you have underneath should shock the crowd when you reveal. 

Hats - Ahoy - GNC Runway - 1 Trophy 
The Mysterious Walker with the ova glasses, ova shade, ova walk, and an ovahhhh one-of-a-kind hat. 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

“Weeping Widow” Fem Queen Realness | Butch Queen in Drags Realness - 2 Trophies
You married rich, and now he is gone. Come show out at the funeral. We want to see you carry! 

“Sports Star “ - Athletic Transman Realness - 1 Trophy 
I actually won this category two years in a row at Eric Bazaar’s Ball for the Butch Queens. Bring me any sport, but your effect must tell us you are the MVP of the night. 

“Hustlers” - BQ Thug - 1 Trophy 
In Honor of the Hood movers and shakers, The House of Ebony had this category on lock: money makers of the 1990s bring me a money-making thug, selling product-rocking jewels - thugging out—no touching in the battles. 

“The General” - BQ Executive Realness - 1 Trophy 
It is a war out here at these balls, so tonight, you’re the general of your house. Bring me a uniform that screams your house name and, of course, your battle plans on how you eliminate the opps. 

“The MJ Fan” - BQ School Boy Realness - 1 Trophy 
You are the biggest Michael Jackson fan in your class; how are you going to bring it to school on Michael Jackson Day? (True story: in the fifth grade, I did my school report on Michael Jackson’s Pepsi hair burning incident, and in High school, I came to school for our senior Halloween parade as a dead MJ.”) 

“Sunday Service” - BQ Church Boy Realness - 1 Trophy 
Whether it’s an altar boy, choir boy, pianist, usher, or whatever, All we see is a realness boy at church. Bring your props. 

“Trade looks Ovah!” BQ Trendy Boy Realness” - 1 Trophy 
This category was all about realness swag. Which persons can defy stereotypes, wear what they want, give a look, and still not get questioned about their sexuality?

“Bedroom Eyes” - Sexy Boy Realness - 1 Trophy 
This was the category that gave birth to Sex Siren. This is not a sex siren category. Let’s see, The realest boy you want to wake up next to in sleeping attire. 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

“The Whitney Effect” - Male Figure Model’s Magazine Face - 2 Trophies | Transman | BQ
Bring me a face that belongs on the cover of a magazine, but bring me an enlarged photo of yourself that proves it. This is in the name of the ICON Whitney Garcon. 

“The Legacy of Face” 

“The Danielle Revlon Legacy” FF Face Dark and Lovely - 2 Trophies Women| Fem Queen
My Mother, the Icon Danelle Revlon, made many statements, but she was always known for her unique selling ability, hair swinging, and love of glamor. Bring me a red dress, fur coat, real or faux, sunglasses, and an unforgettable smile. 

“The Octavia St, Laurent Chronicles” FF Face Light and Lovely - 2 Trophies Women | Fem Queen
I loved me some Octavia. My goodness, anytime she hit the floor, it was timeless and just off the chain. In her honor, bring the look I loved the most, like an opulent Greek Goddess or Egyptian Royalty 

“The Moldavia Labeija Experience” - FF Face Brown and Lovely - 2 Trophies Women | Fem Queen
She was the most dramatic of them all; she gave you something to talk about every time she hit the floor, and her looks varied for every category she walked. This night, I want to see a face babe honoring Moldavia Labeija in one solid color, including shoes. Give me a look, give me a face, give me drama! 

“Angels” - Butch Queen in Drags Face - 1 Trophy 
Somalia Jordan, Jackie O, Alyssa Garcon, Reality Jourdan, Season Karan, and Mariah Balenciaga drag faces who slayed an era. There was a ball where the girls dressed up like Victoria’s Secret Angels for their flier cover; on this day, honor their effort and bring me any rendition of an Angel! 

“Pay Homage to Icons of Looks” - GNC Face - 1 Trophy 
Little Richard, Liberace, Prince, Boy George, and Annie Lennox had some of the most significant effects in our time growing up. They pushed boundaries and had people talking. There was just something about them, just like there’s something about you. Bring me an effect honoring those legacies. 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

“Voguing like you’re serving Tarantella.” - 6 Trophies - | Twisters | Women |GNC | BQD | OTA Old Way | OTA New Way 
The first time I saw Vogue in person was at Club Traxx NYC, and Andre Revlon (Mizrahi) was wearing a tight Spider-Man shirt. That night, my official ballroom journey would begin. Bring your performance in a Spiderman-inspired effect. 

“Iconic Babies” - OTA Baby Vogue - 1 Trophy 
There was a ball when the Mizrahi butch queen babies jumped out of a crib one by one in the name of the favorite fem queen vogues, Years later, I would recreate that same idea with the upcoming fem queens of the time Tia, Leiomy, Nakia in the name of the icons. History remade. On this night, bring me a little baby with the name of your iconic Vogue inspirations printed on your effect. Look fab and make them proud. (You do not have to vogue like them) 

“The Bangi C*nts in a Wig and a Mask” - BQ Vogue Fem - 1 Trophy 
The category started because of the bangy c*nts voguers Taifa, Shay-Shay, Will, Jason, Baby, Lil Kevin, and the list goes on, The look was Blue jeans, Sweatshirts, and wrist bangles to the arms, and a cute pair of sneakers, but the attitude was bangi cunt. Can you give me what I need with the legendary wig and a Mask? Bring the look to life. 

“Caught in the Alley” Fem Queen - 2 Trophies - Soft vs Dramatic 
Soft - Sinia vs. Alyssa has been the battle of softness for years. Sinia changed the game and added the sexy dips Alyssa gave us grace and breakdowns. Get your tens for your catwalk and dips only, and I want you to slay it like that in a red catsuit. 
Dramatic - Ashly St Clar Icon created a new lane with her beat-catching, dramatic dips and poses. She’s the originator of dramatics. Bring it in a black catsuit and get your tens with your hands with a dramatic flair. 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

“Pink Pussy Cat Dolls” - Women’s Sex Siren - 1 Trophy 
In the name of Icon Champagne Pendavis 
Meow! Sexy kitties in frilly pink lingerie. 

“Legacy of Jack’s Misters” BQ Sex Siren - 4 Trophies - Jr | Sr | Catboy | Legend |(Only one will claim the sash and Title!)
It all started with Roz Mugler, - “Mr. Wonderful,” Kenyon Prodigy, ” - Mr. Everything,” Antonio Blahnik - “Mr. Paridise,” Rio Prodigy - “Mr. Goodbar,” Tank Mugler -“Mr. Ultimate,” and Rebel Alpha Omega - “Mr. Irresistible” On this day, come claim the title “Mr International.” Bring me a sexy look while honoring your native lands with your sash, naming your country. (All are welcomed to walk, past Misters and future misters as well) 

“Ms. Seduction 2024” FQ Face, Body and Sex Appeal - 1 Trophy
n the name of Icon Kerri Mizrahi 
Everyone wanted this title back in Philly during the Penn Relay weekend at the Polo Ball. This was the prequel to Fem queen sex siren. Bring me a girl serving in a form-fitting dress for her tens, then peel into a two-piece swimsuit and seduce the crowd for the battles. The time has come for an international reign. 

“Working Man” Transman Sex Siren - 1 Trophy 
In the name of Icon Sean Coleman 
We all love the fantasy of a working man, so let me see you work it in a sexy uniform, Mailman, Security Guard, Prison Guard, or any hard-working man. 

“Bad Bytch at the Beach” Fish Stixx Sex Siren - 1 Trophy 
In the name of the Icon Tiny Cartier 
Make the world know the sexy appeal of the Fish Stixx generation slay the beach with a look that has all eyes on you. 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

“Artwork” - 9 Trophies Women’s Body Luscious, Models | BQ Model, Muscular | FQ Models, Muscular | GNC Cheesecake Thick FF, MF |
Turn your body into art and leave the baby oil at home. Showcase your body in a unique and artful way—no live application on stage. 


These categories are only for certified/deemed legends. This will not be a night to claim your status. 

“The Models Effect” - OTA Legendary Runway - 1 Trophy 
Icons Stewart Ebony, Tony Revlon, Andre Mizrahi, Eddie Ebony (RIP), Aura St.Clair, Peppa Montona, and June Ebony were some of the best to participate in this category. Follow in their legacy while creating your own lane. bring to life a fashion look from a magazine. You must have the photo with you, serve the look, and be ready to POSE - POSE - POSE for the battles. 

“Timeless Beauties” 
Legendary Face - 2 Trophies Male figure | Female Figure 
In the name of Icon Renee Karan: One of the first significant face grand prizes in the 90s, Renee would slay Whitney Mugler’s highly anticipated ball, “ The Eternal Enigma,” and take home the win. 
Many will walk, but few will achieve legendary greatness in this category. Show us your beauty will stand the test of time. Bring me your gorgeous face dressed in all red, but before you hit the floor, one of your house members will bring out baby or younger pictures of yourself to show us the evolution of your gorgeousness. 

Legendary Realness -1 Trophy | Male figure 
No one can ever say you didn't slay this category on your way to legendary status. I want to see a champion on their way to defend their title. Whether it's boxing, wrestling, or tennis, it brings me the look of a champion. 

“War Games” 
Legendary Realness - 1 Trophy | Female Figure 
In the name of Icon Ashley Icon. Ashley Icon has been slaying realness since the 1990s she is unbothered and always ready for a battle. We all know her signature look has always been Army fatigue. So let us go to war on this night in a military look of your choice. 

“Gorgeous Legends of Vogue” 
OTA Legendary Vogue Fem 
I was there when Vogue Fem was born, and I watched the originals become the blueprints, the legends, the Icons and the influence. Tonight, as a legend with a look that tells the world, “You came here to collect names and take the trophy.” Make a legendary statement with a production no longer than 90 seconds. Please send all music to DJ …. By May 28, 2024, with your song choice, first name, and house name attached. 


***All categories must bring a birthday gift for me or a toy donation for a charity.***

OTA Precision Haircuts - 1 Trophy 
In the Name of Buddha Mizrahi 
This iconic category is about your hair’s cut, designs, and patterns to show us something special for the grand prize. 

OTA Hair Affair - 1 Trophy 
This is a classic category: Hair, Hair, Hair, and more hair That’s the name of the game. Bring us that hairstyle that will gag the room. 

OTA Punk Rock Bizarre Madness - 1 Trophy
Sex, Drugs, and Rock -n- Roll to the highest degree of Bizarre. You’ve seen this category in Paris: Burning documentary. Get ready to rock out in the name of the Icon Kenny Chanel. 

OTA Lip Sync Performance - 1 Trophy
In the Name of Sade Pendavis 
You are the opening act, so set the vibe with a fabulous look that screams superstar for your tens by using music only by Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Glee, George Michael, Whitney Houston, and Rihanna. You cannot use any of the songs listed below for the battles, but you better know them to win. Please send all music to DJ …. By May 28, 2024, with your song choice, first name, and house name attached. 

Battle with these songs serenading Jack 

  • Halo - Beyonce 
  • Killing Me Softly - Fugees 
  • Irresistible - Beyonce 
  • Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars 
  • Valerie - Glee version 
  • Freedom - George Michael 
  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston 
  • Umbrella - Rihanna 


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