Kulture of Krump

Body Movin' #krump


Kulture of Krump

For this third date, our Body Movin 'cycle propels us into Kulture of Krump, to make us feel the energy and the spirit of this dance through an online competition.

Evening of the event, participants from all over the world send their battle videos which will be broadcast in front of the jury, and the winners will be chosen live.  Let's show your buckness!


  • 1 vs 1 MAN: 1/8 final
  •  1 vs 1 WOMAN: 1/4 final
  • 1 vs 1 KID: 1/4 final


  • Battles are made 100% in video format.  The candidates record a video for each of the stages: a preselection video, then one for each passage (eight final Man, quarter-final, semi-final, final).
  • Each round, from the preselection to the final, is sent by email to wolf.krumpevent@gmail.com respecting the schedule below. the candidates indicate their name and country, and attach a photo to their candidacy.


  •  All Categories preselection : sending from 02.11.20 to 04.11.20
  •  1/8 Man Final : sending from 05.11.20 to 07.11.20
  •  1 / 4th All Categories : sending from 09.11.20 to 11.11.20
  •  1 / 2nd All Categories Final : sending from 12.11.20 to 14.11.20
  •  All Categories Final : sending from 16.11.20 to 18.11.20

On the day of the event, the judges watch the first videos of all the contestants a few hours before the evening begins, then make their shortlist.

The evening begins in the form of a tournament: the videos of the preselected candidates are shown category by category, up to the choice of the three big winners.


  •  WOLF


  •  JNY
  •  ROWDY

Plein Ecran

La Gaîté Lyrique is regenerating itself with online programming.  This event is part of its [Full Screen] selection which includes all its events broadcast online and free of charge - live and replay.  This program is therefore filmed.  Let's stay connected!

Body Movin'

Electro, voguing, KRUMP, house, jumpstyle… These dances were born in clubs, or in the street, off the radar of mainstream culture, and today are picked up by pop culture.  With this monthly event that combines battles and sessions, we want to highlight the diversity of urban dances and their communities.

Find out more: https://gaite-lyrique.net/cycle/body-movin

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Body Movin' #krump


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