DSAA Design and Digital Creation (master's level) diplomas from l’Ecole Estienne, 2020.


This series of videos exposes the Gaité Lyrique audience to the projects of four DSAA Design and Digital Creation (master's level) student groups from the École Estienne. This unique formula has the advantage of sharing them with as many people as possible. Do not hesitate to comment !

The students of DSAA (Higher Diploma of Applied Arts) Design and Digital Creation of the Ecole Estienne organized in groups of three people, met with many artists, designers and researchers. Each groupe also worked with a resident of Gaité Lyrique on their project, and gave them an interview before confinement.
All the projects, made during confinement, evolved during this one. Through its reflection on digital creation, and its challenges, each in its own way offers you to reinvent the time after.

Bolide (Minh Boutin, Jean-Baptiste Krauss, Marin Scart) calls for a new approach to the musical experience as a social activity in its own right. At the crossroads between design, technology and society, the BOLIDARIUM is a musical playground dedicated to a collective practice of music. This giant instrumentarium is conceived as an open system that mixes algorithmic creation and participative posture.

Résident of La Gaîté Lyrique : Vincent from Playtronica.

The æ collective (Léo Bindner, Mathilde Kappler, Léontine Pigot) invites us to anticipate sensitive interfaces. Cærulean is a project of dialogue through communication interfaces sensitive to local lights, between Paris and Copenhagen. A prospective exploration into the design of our interfaces.

Résident of La Gaîté Lyrique : le réseau l'université de la pluralité, Chloé et Daniel Kaplan

The Am3506 collective (François Desole, Naïs Hoang, Emma Pustienne) imagined a project of playful anxiety which takes its origins from the current events: in a context of a pandemic crisis arising from the Covid-19 virus, the Am3506 laboratory developed a miraculous antidote against the new mutation of the virus, called Dovic-20 : the Ultime Pharmakon (or U.P.). However, in order to overrun this antidote, a small group of selected persons will have to face the Am3506 laboratory... The fate of French population et all humanity is in their hands.

Résident of La Gaîté Lyrique : Uncanny Vally studio

The CAL—LAC collective (Alexiane Capitaine, Léo Laffargue, Chloé Michel) keeps an eye on our digital habits and seeks to rethink the world from there. How can we reduce our digital consumption and encourage a more sustainable digital lifestyle? A monitoring interface and product that helps us change our habits.

Résident of La Gaîté Lyrique : What If, Max Mollon et Welid Labidi

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