La Gaîté Lyrique’s team gathers a wide variety of professions in order to lead the entire range of its activities: training courses, concerts, exhibitions, resource center, artist residencies, bar, shops, company events.


Supervisory board

Vincent Carry, CEO and co-founding associate of Gaîté Lyrique S.A.S
Alizée Lozac'hmeur, cofounder of makesense
Anne Pradel, Deputy director of ARTE France Développement
Benoît Hamon, CEO of SINGA
Damien Beguet, CEO of Arty Farty

Executive committee

Director: Juliette Donadieu
Deputy director: Jean-Yves Catel
Artistic director: Vincent Cavaroc
Administrateur: Yannick Brion
Devlopment director: Céline Nogues
Technical director : (recruiting)
Communications & ticketing director: Baptiste Vadon

Music & dance director: Benoît Rousseau

Art & editorial direction

Artistic Director: Vincent Cavaroc
Director of music & dance : Benoît Rousseau
Art programming manager: Anna Tardivel
Art programming officer: Madeleine Varin
Citizenship, social, and cultural actions officer : Bérénice Sellier
Incubator and residency officer : Gabrielle Dubois


General administrator: Yannick Brion 
Administration manager: Amélie Tessier
Human resources manager: Orianne Hugonnot
Account manager: Florine Naude
Administration and RH officer: Eléonore Duluc
Human resources and administration assistant: (recruiting)


Head of production: Jean-Yves Catel
Production manager and coordinator: Margot Renoux
Production officers: Clémence Nicpon, Laetitia Rouiller, Emmanuelle Onteniente, Pauline Ferrières
Production officer and office manager: Jules Lemanski
Production assistant: Malika Beaufils

Communication, reception & ticketing

Communication, reception & ticketing director: Baptiste Vadon
Communication and coordination manager: David Suchestow
Content & editorial communication manager: Maxime De Abreu
Press & partnerships manager: Tifen Marivain
Digital communications manager: Estelle Morfin
Graphic designer: Julien Rosa

Front desk & ticketing manager: Flora Chappaz 
Ticketing supervisor: Célia Floquet
Ticketing and front desk staff: Vincent Ducard


Development director: Céline Nogues
Parnerships manager: Zoe Ballu
Venue hire manager: Chiara Parapetto
Venue hire officer: Alexandra Giansily
Project manager: Alice Berger
Events assistant : Sébastien Cornéjo


Technical director: (hiring)
Deputy technical director: Marc Mallia
Technical management secretary: (hiring)
General services manager: Léo Legrand

Location managers: Alexis Bouhours, Marianne Memain, Pierre Le Cardinal, Mathieu Rocaboy, Grégor Heuzé

Lightening director: (hiring)
Deputy lightening director : Anatole Guinut
Video & image director: Martial Gallorini
Deputry video and image director: Claire Baudoux
Sound director: Jean-Marc Harel
Machinery, construction and stage: Alain Peres
Stage manager: Tom Bouvet

IT manager: Mathieu Bodard
Deputy IT manager: Charles Griesmar


Coordination of the bars: Déborah Mayer
Bars manager: Lucas Guarnieri

Central Security Desk

SSIAP officers: Adolphe Mbongozi, Bruno Debeau, Roselyne Ngamga, Honore Kalombo, Magloir Mabally 

Editorial committee

Consultative body
With la Gaîté Lyrique's team and its founding partners

La Gaîté Lyrique
Vincent Cavaroc, Juliette Donadieu, Jean-Yves Catel, Benoît Rousseau, Baptiste Vadon, Madeleine Varin, Anna Tardivel, Bérénice Sellier

Founding partners
Vincent Carry – représentant Arty Farty à la présidence de la Gaîté Lyrique; Boris Razon – ARTE; Anne-Sylvie Bameule – Actes Sud; David Robert – SINGA, Jaccueille; Hélène Binet – makesense; Pierre Zeimet – Arty Farty; Anne Caroline Jambaud – Arty Farty

Strategic comittee

Consultative body
With la Gaîté Lyrique's team and its founding partners

La Gaîté Lyrique
Juliette Donadieu, Vincent Cavaroc, Jean-Yves Catel, Céline Nogues, Marc Mallia, Yannick Brion

Les partenaires fondateurs
Vincent Carry – représentant Arty Farty à la présidence de la Gaîté Lyrique; Anne Pradel – ARTE; Alizee Lozachmeur – makesense; Fanny Crapanzano – Arty Farty; Fred Joly – Arty Farty; Benoît Hamon – Singa

Also part of the team are short-term hires, intermittent artists, reception staff and interns.