Our development strategy is centred around the creation of networks at local, national and international levels. By building relationships with artists, cultural institutions, media companies, start-ups, large corporations, research facilities, universities or social and educational structures, we have established an ecosystem that fosters innovation and interdisciplinarity in the name of creation.

Corporate partnerships

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Media partnerships

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Cultural partnerships

We are located in the heart of Paris between the neighborhoods of Le Sentier and Le Marais, an area known for its dynamic cultural offering. As a result, La Gaîté Lyrique has long-standing relationships with its immediate neighbors : 

La Gaîté Lyrique, a key space where art, technology and social issues meet, is also supported by partners located outside of Paris, at both national and international levels:

Grand Paris partnerships

National partnerships

International partners

La Gaîté Lyrique’s international actions are supported by a number of networks:

Local partners

Due to its active presence on the Paris and Ile-de-France territories, La Gaîté Lyrique has built connexions with a number of local structures: schools, universities, charities, leisure centres, hospitals, social centres, hostels, detention facilities, cultural spaces…

La Gaîté Lyrique is able to develop educational projects around digital culture thanks to the support and implication of its institutional partners: 

La Gaîté Lyrique is part of the Vivre Ensemble network and is a partner of Cultures du Cœur.


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