Produced in association with WIRED and Powered by Wevr Transport, the 2016 Kaleidoscope World Tour is a traveling showcase of the best in cinematic virtual reality & immersive experiences.

The Independent Spirit

Kaleidoscope produces projects with independent artists who explore virtual reality as form of artistic expression, and we feel it's important to celebrate the results of that process as well.  Our curated selection of immersive experiences is intended to start conversations about what distinguishes virtual reality from other mediums, and provide exposure for the creators.   

Kaleidoscope is a Global Virtual Reality Showcase

Virtual Reality isn't simply a film or a game displayed in a headset--it's a new medium for audiovisual media that has its own language and form of expression. Kaleidoscope is traveling across 10 cities and 9 countries in 43 days to share virtual reality content developed by independent creators. Artists of every discipline and curious individuals from every culture are invited to attend our mind-altering showcase of some of the most unique experiences on the planet. 

The Lineup

The festival lineup includes a diverse selection of over 30 innovative and thought-provoking experiences, including a World Premiere from a master stop-motion animator, the World Premiere of a psychedelic dance party, and soulful narratives that could not be represented better by another medium.  Please read more about these amazing artists below our sponsors. 

• 6:00pm to 7:00pm: The event is open only for VIP ticket holders.
• 7:00pm to 10:00pm: The event is open for general admission ticket holders.
• 8:30pm to 9:00pm: G-Technology invites a panel of independent VR Creators to discuss their work.