The Call-A-Spy Show - Live Call Challenges on Stage


The Call-A-Spy Show - Live Call Challenges on Stage
© Pjotr Kampnagel

A fake and improvised TV game to discover those who have our lives tapped

The Call-A-Spy Show is an entertaining and enlightening journey into the psyche of the secret services. Three brave contestants put their communication skills to the test, competing in a number of challenges, all involving live phone calls with unsuspecting agents. 80% improvised, each show is different depending on who the contestants are and who they reach on the end of the line. The goal is to make them laugh, make them cry, but just don’t let them hang up!

The contestants :

Andy Bichelbaum from the YES MEN
Jérémie Z., hacker & private life rights defender
Mollie McGorn, clinical psychologist

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