Campus Paris-Radio Grenouille Campus Paris-Radio Grenouille

The 3 independent radios, always at the cutting edge of sound creation, have installed a public turntable in la Gaîté Lyrique to create Berlin Next's radio program in front of the visitors.

La Gaîté lyrique invites three participative radios: Backyard Radio (Berlin), Radio Campus (Paris) and  Radio Grenouille (Marseille). Come see how the three radios come together and broadcast the "Made in Berlin" programs on Paris's airwaves and on the web, in collaboration with the artists, inhabitants and visitors present. (Berlin)

German law, revised this past year, now allows the broadcast of its programs, as long as the radius of the transmission falls within a city block. It is on this basis that Backyard Radio was launched - a decentralized micro-FM project. Such a project might seem obsolete in the digital era, but it is not so: here there is no need of a computer to receive the programs, the little radio in the bathroom will do the trick. The same frequency (FM 107.7) is used by all, which allows for the signal to be relayed and cover a larger and larger area. The content is also generated by the users, who offer their "home" broadcasts.

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Radio Campus (Paris)

Radio Campus Paris is a non-profit student radio station established in 1997. An alternative, local, independent and citizen's media for the young in the Greater Paris region, Radio Campus Paris relays general, cultural, student-related events and news within the Ile-de-France region.

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Radio Grenouille (Marseille)

Radio Grenouille is a non-commercial radio established in 1981, which broadcasts in the Marseille region from la Friche de la Belle de Mai. It develops artist residences, offers workshops on sound and media to various organizations (schools, cultural and social organizations...), especially to students via Radiolab, a project in partnership with the Université de Provence.

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