Nuit Blanche • Scenes in resistance: invitation to the Ukrainian label Standard Deviation

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Nuit Blanche • Scenes in resistance: invitation to the Ukrainian label Standard Deviation

For Nuit Blanche, La Gaîté Lyrique is inviting the Ukrainian electronic music label Standard Deviation for a series of concerts and audiovisual performances spanning all margins of experimental electronic music and beyond.

This is an opportunity to highlight this engaged underground scene, which is characterized by its bubbling energy and resilience, and to celebrate its ties with its European neighbors. This event is part of La Gaîté Lyrique's commitment to showcase a resistance scene each year - a scene that fights for its freedom and independence, takes risks simply to express itself, and thereby becomes a voice for an emerging scene.

Standard Deviation is a music label and multidisciplinary creation platform founded in September 2020 in Kyiv. In close collaboration with the K41 club, it organizes internationally renowned events that have helped to showcase the Ukrainian art scene beyond its borders. To date, the label has produced thirteen electronic music albums, online creations, publications and art installations.

Line up

4:30p.m - 5:30p.m 
Standard Deviation x Remote Control: RIDNE 
Screening - Auditorium

Standard Deviation x Remote Control invite us to see their joint project “RIDNE” (Рідне, Ukrainian for “native / dear”), a series of videos shot over the past weeks in various locations Ukraine after the invasion of Russia.The videos, shot in first-person perspective, were set to music by musicians who are closely connected to the respective places shown in each video, whether it is their own hometown, a personal place of solace, or a place that symbolizes something of their own experience of war. In Kyiv, for example, tofudj walks through the ghostly darkness of a city blacked-out by Russian bombing, while Diana Azzuz sets scenes on the border to Poland to music, returning to experiences of her own flight. The artists tofudj, undo despot, bsw, Panghoud and Diana Azzuz have all contributed to the RIDNE project.

5:30p.m - 6:30p.m 
"Tokenism and Beyond: Promoting Real Change and Inclusivity in the Underground Music Culture"
Talk - auditorium

With : 

  • the team of Standard Deviation label
  • undo despot, artist
  • Benoît Rousseau, music and dance artistic director (La Gaîté Lyrique)
  • Laurent Bigarella, European project coordinator & curator at Arty Farty (Reset!, European Lab)

Moderated by Mariana Berezovska (Rybachka/ Borshch Magazine)


Concerts, AV lives, DJ
7p.m - 1a.m

Grande salle 

  • undo despot (Live)
  • Rybachka presents Diana Azzuz and Nazanin Noori (Live AV)
  • Katarina Gryvul (Live AV)
  • Heith feat. Declino (Live AV)
  • Timothée Joly + Groupe (Live)
  • Broodoo Ramses

undo despot (Live)

undo despot is an experimental audio-visual artist from Odesa, Ukraine. Her musical practice is focused on combining deconstructed visual and music influences, coupled with academic techniques. At the same time she’s most known as a live artist, who combines various genre influences.

Rybachka presents Diana Azzuz x Nazanin Noori (Live AV)

Rybachka is an initiative by Borshch magazine editor Mariana Berezovska. It aims to bring together artists from different backgrounds in order to deconstruct pain together, to raise awareness of the less obvious consequences of war and violent conflicts, and to search for ways of healing through artistic means. It gave birth to a visual work by Syrian-Ukrainian Diana Azzuz along with the music of Iranian musician and artist Nazanin Noori. In these pairings, the artists transcend fear and shock and make new connections between different experiences, potentials, and places.

Nazanin Noori

Nazanin Noori is an artist, who lives and works in Berlin. Her interdisciplinary work includes sound art, live and lecture performance, installation, direction and text.  With a formal education in theater, film and media studies, Noori addresses the merging of sound, space, sculpture and post-dramatic poetry, focussing on atmospheric narratives. Her compositions are primarily in the Ambient Hardcore realm, branching out into Doom Electronics.

Diana Azzuz

Diana Azzuz, a half-Ukrainian half-Syrian artist and DJ,  was born in Ukraine and is currently based in Berlin. Through her practice that consists of CGI, sound, and text, she works on conveying the decay and distortion of the present through technological advancement. Her work is permeated with a melancholy sentiment of the estrangement that rises from social, cultural, and technological processes, and the fragility that comes with it. 

Katarina Gryvul (Live)

Katarina Gryvul is a Ukrainian born composer, sound artist, music producer, violinist and educator. In her work she focuses on a varieties of timbres, sound textures and mixing organic, classical music with progressive forms of electronic music production.

Heith (Live) + Declino

Heith is the alias of Milan-based artist and musician Daniele Guerrini who crafts a  mesmerizing and ritualistic subterranean soundscape, a resonant and eclectic collage of distinct sonic elements: from celestial percussion intertwined with jarring, mechanical oscillations to haunting vocals atop murky dubbed-out beats. 


DECLINO is a visual duo founded by game designer GVN908 and architect Andrea Belosi working on procedural-generated design and environments.

Timothée Joly (Live)

Uncontrollable, radical, and intense, Timothée Joly is an enigma. Equally gifted at winning over crowds as he is at distorting stages, the ones who would want to classify his music have a far way to understand. Timothée Joly immerses us here in the purest pop-rock like a rejuvenation in the face of the despair of our time.

Broodoo Ramses

Broodoo Ramses is an artist, DJ and producer based in Paris.  His musical approach is eclectic, energetic, syncretic and tries to build dense bridges between club, black, queer and pop music.  Between underground parties, Fashion weeks and radio shows on his show Rinse France, Broodoo Ramses is starting to make a name for himself and wants to expand his creative horizons even more.

Musiques et spectacles vivants

Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed

Présente 'Jbal Rrsas' live

15.02.24 at 7:30 pm

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