Le1f + Big Freedia + Noise Manifesto presents Decon Recon + Mike Q

Cakes Da Killa + Clara 3000 + Kiddy Smile + Karim & Karam

Le1f + Big Freedia + Noise Manifesto presents Decon Recon + Mike Q

A 100% queer evening from 8:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.


Young rapper  Le1f, who came from the New York queer hip hop scene and who twerked so beautifully in minishorts on the viral track "Wut", recently helped open the closet in which rap had been locked up. Through several minimalistic and powerful mixtapes mixing trap, dance, voguing, sound textures and disturbing electro, he established his own style: a velvety voice, a hyperarticulated flow, a fagot attitude, innuendos and sarcastic punchlines.

He also launched the label Camp and Street and has collaborated with many artists, including Boody, Mykki Blanco and Spank Rock. 

Big Freedia

Big Freedia, the spiritual mother of ass-shaking, the flaming queen diva of bounce - overpitched homemade rap with hypersexual lyrics, designed to make the walls shake and release the energy of the sacred chakra - was born somewhere in New Orleans in a house where Patti Labelle and Sylvester played on the stereo.

As a teenager, she learned to play the piano, frequented choirs and decided that music and interior design would be her life. In 1998, she joined the bounce scene by becoming a backup singer for a young drag queen named Katey Red. Thanks to her extraordinary voice, style and presence, she quickly established herself as the "big girl" of the genre. In 2010, she became its queen mother with the album "Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1" and the music video "Ya'll get back now", which shows her literally walking over the city of New Orleans à la "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" as she urges its people to let the liberating beat rise up within them. Big Freedia now has her own show on Fuse TV and released an album last year titled "Just be free".  Are you ready to shake it?

Noise Manifesto presents Decon Recon : Aquarian Jugs, Jaguar Woman, Oni Ayhun, rRoxymore

Noise Manifesto is a collective based on equality and hybridity founded by techno pioneer Paula Temple. It's a label and a platform for electro artists who claim not to follow the norm. A collaboration based on respect and horizontality that encompasses all genres, all music and all technologies.

Collaborative work that tends to give priority to  bodies and identities made invisible and to break down the glass ceilings that still exist in the music industry. Noise Manifesto rejects sexism, racism and queerophobia.

Mike Q

Originally from New Jersey, Mike Q is one of the key figures in the recent New York  ballroom scene. Twenty-five years after the seminal Paris Is Burning, voguing is attracting a whole new generation of producers and DJs who are bringing together tradition and the heavy bass house of today.

Mike Q fell in love with the ballroom scene in 2003, at age 17, when he discovered "The Ha dance" by Masters at Work.  Ever since then, he's been building sets and works around that founding loop and spreading the good word in all the battles in the universe. A prolific producer, he released the 2012 album Let It All Out on the label Fade to Mind and  created his own collective, Qween Beat Productions, through which he produces countless mixtapes, remixes and edits. Vogue baby!

Cakes Da Killa

Rashard Bradshaw, aka Cakes da killa,  is a club kid who began rapping in high school, inspired by Mykki Blanco and Le1f but also by Lil 'Kim and Cam'ron. A chubby cherub in glitter, Cakes Da Killa is really anything but an altar boy: to futuristic sounds that combine the fury of  trap, EDM, bounce and club music, he throws out his trashy punchlines with as much ferocity and speed as a drag queen humiliating her rival at a ball.

His three EPs, Easy Bake Oven, The Eulogy and the recent IMF, full of gay sex, jock-straps and anti-hater anthems, are perfect for dancing, twerking, fighting or making love. The choice is yours.


A newcomer on the electro scene, a young DJ with expansive musical culture, Clara 3000 is the brainchild of Ivan Smagghe and Chloe, whose label she joined (Kill the DJ). Capable of going from  Einsturzende Neubauten to the wildest techno, she breathes a breath of fresh air and deviant scholarship on the Parisian dance floors and shakes up fashion week with her ferocious sets.

In 2014, she did a remix of C.A.R.'s "Idle Eyes" along with Planningtorock and Roman Fluegel. 

Kiddy Smile

French artist Kiddy Smile fills the universe with vicious beats and fabulous and notoriously happy house inspired by the early 90s. A producer and talented DJ, a rapper and singer and fashionista, he came out with his first and very acidic EP in 2012,  Worthy of Your Love. His style won over Beth Ditto, who then invited him to open for her on stage.

Ever since then, Kiddy Smile has been spinning with Hercules & Love Affair and LCD Soundsystem, has electrified a few Parisian fashion shows and released a second EP, Get Myself Alone, on Chambre404, the label founded by Chateau Marmont. He also produces a program on voguing on Rinse FM and delights the largest cities in the world with his spicy sets.

Karim & Karam

With the tightest, most form-hugging Spandex and an infinite amount of wisdom, the DJ duo Karim & Karam will make you move your body until your kneecaps turn to jelly with their set of  tart, "gender-confused" tunes. With beats from Aster Aweke, Zhala, Omar Soleiman, Planningtorock, Andy & Kouros, Shahram Shabpareh, Cleo, DJ Nigga Fox, Azealia Banks, and Death Grips, they share their world of electric and eclectic sexuality - a set of love sounds.

loud & proud

a four-day celebration of queer culture

The LOUD & PROUD festival explores the way sexual minorities are represented on the French cultural scene and proposes to give back priority to bodies and identities that have been neglected and made invisible by the music industry, by programming a series of concerts and performances by queer artists over a period of four days.  Between July 2 and 5, la Gaîté is proud to host its first festival of queer music and culture.

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