Get Outta Here!

A Manifesto for decomplexed design

Get Outta Here!
crédit : Après vous, chaise Pousse-toi de là, 2013

Echoing the exhibit ARRRGH! Monsters of fashion, the collective Après vous (After You) has taken over the resource center to turn it into a recreation space furnished with "monstrous" design objects. Chairs, tables, and armchairs find themselves hijacked from their usual functions to become objects of experimentation.

"Ever since our collective was founded, we've been committed to looking for imaginary, strange, even disturbing designs," Après vous

Après vous, plier, déplier, replier ... Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2010 Plier, déplier, replier ..., Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2010
(crédit photo : Après vous)
esquisse de mobiliers recyclés Esquisse de mobiliers recyclés