Gaîté tales

February-March 2013

Gaîté tales

Stroll planet Gaîté in search of the best guarded secrets and immerse yourself in funny stories full of images and colour as told by this world's weird inhabitants.


With Florence Desnouveaux and Julien Tauber (alternate weeks).

Minimum age: 5 years. Parents may accompany their children.

julien tauber

He trained in speech arts with Moussa Lebkiri, Pepito Mateo, Jean-Claude Desprez, and Bruno de La Salle in the Vendôme Center for Oral Literature's Fahrenheit workshop (41). In 2003, under the patronage of Abbi Patrix, he joined the Labo (lab) at La Maison du Conte (House of Storytelling) of Chevilly-Larue (94). In 1999, he received the Audience Award for the Grand Storytellers Prize and in 2009 he received the bronze medal in the category "stories and storytellers" at the Francophone Games in Beirut. He frequently leads guided narrated tours in several museums (Cinémathèque Française, MacVal, Maison Rouge and Gaîté Lyrique). In 2010, he was invited to do a six-month residency at the Maison du Conte of Chevilly-Larue, which led him to write some thirty Western-themed stories that he told during more than a hundred performances in forty different venues throughout the city. In early 2011, along with other storytellers, he launched a research workshop on creative writing, OuCoPo (Ouvroir de Conteries Potentielles / Workroom for potential tales).