EU.TOPIA Music Festival

Avec Elevate & Terraforma : DOPPLEREFFEKT, Donato Dozzy, Zoë Mc Pherson, Heith...

EU.TOPIA Music Festival

At the end of March, La Gaîté Lyrique invites Elevate and Terraforma, two European festivals for a special carte blanche in the Grande salle! As part of TIMES (The Independent Movement for Electronic Scenes) cooperative project, EU.TOPIA Music Festival aims to gather around the best contemporary European creation, and to open up a space for a desirable and European future.

Saturday 30.03
ELEVATE : DOPPLEREFFEKT + Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone present “Pitch Blender” + PLF

  • Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone present “Pitch Blender”
  • PLF (live) – Peter Kutin, Lukas Köning & Fridge Brandhi

Elevate is an annual interdisciplinary festival held in various venues in Graz, Austria, with a strong focus on cultural and socio-political topics. In addition to performances, concerts, installations and DJ sets, the interdisciplinary program offers workshops, film screenings, lectures and discussions.

With its unique combination of critical-political discourse and art, contemporary electronic music and audio-visual experiments, the festival opens up a space for innovative content. Among the guests are human rights experts, climate researchers and activists from all over the world, who meet once a year with musicians and artists in Graz to shed light on relevant questions about our future.


Sunday 31.03
TERRAFORMA : Donato Dozzy + Lolina & Dr Pit (live) + Heith

  • Donato Dozzy
  • Lolina & Dr Pit (live)
  • Heith

Terraforming is the theoretical process in which life on a planet becomes possible through the creation of an atmosphere. Terraforma is the manifest of our belief that new dimensions can now be Terraformed. Started in 2014 as a music festival in Villa Arconati, Terraforma has evolved into a comprehensive curatorial platform dedicated to practices operating within the spectrum of sound and ecology.

Throughout the years Terraforma introduced innovative experiential and editorial formats such as Terraforma Journal, Il Pianeta Come Festival, and Terraforma Simposio. In February 2024, Terraforma introduced Exo, a new cultural manifestation whose first edition will take place on June 15th and 16th in Milan’s Parco Sempione. The curatorial program will encompass live performances, installations, sound walks, and panel discussions featuring leading thinkers, musicians, and artists who operate within the spectrum of sound and ecology.



TIMES (The Independent Movement for Electronic Scenes) is a cooperative project that brings together 10 European festivals to create original performances that combine music and visual arts. As well as shared programming of artists and the project's original creations, TIMES aims to support, promote, and improve diversity and sustainability within the music sector.

TIMES is a collaboration between: Arty Farty/Nuits sonores (FR), Berlin Atonal (DE), Elevate (AT), Insomnia (NO), Le Guess Who? (NL), Reworks (GR), Semibreve (PT), Sónar (ES), Terraforma (IT), Unsound (PL), and our audiovisual partner Creative Broadcast (RO). The project is a successor to the We Are Europe cooperation (2015-2022) and is co-funded by the European Union.

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