Day 2 of the Survival Kit conference.

Schedule of Day 2

3pm-5pm Panel 1 : ecological resilience

  • Rasa Smite (LV)
  • Tim Boykett (BE)
  • Bureau d'études (FR)

Tim Boykett (Au)

Resilients, Gardens and MaschinenbaeuerInnen
The Resilients is a consortium of organisations investigating the possibilities for developing resilient culture across Europe. This process draws upon the rich and diverse wealth of European cultural practice and looks at ways of intertwingling pre and post industrial techniques to provide a basis upon which a more resilient and robust society can build. The projects being developed at Time's Up are looking at the ways that urban fringe gardens can be developed that utilise the special environment of the industrial harbour, mixing this with the possibilities of machines to assist, modify, and add strangeness to the growth.
About Time's Up
 Founded in 1996, Time's Up has its principal locus in the Linz harbour of Austria but is widely active. Its mission is to investigate the ways in which people interact with and explore their physical surroundings as a complete context, discovering, learning and communicating as they do.

Rasa Smite (Lv)

Renewable Network Artists - On a Quest for a Sustainable Future
Rasa Smite is a new media artist, curator and network researcher, based in Riga, Latvia. She has graduated from the Latvian Arts Academy, and holds a doctoral degree in sociology from Riga Stradi?? University (the topic of her PhD (2011) thesis was "Creative Network Communities"). Rasa Smite is Associate Professor of New Media Art in Liepaja University, where she also is researcher at the Art Research Lab (MPLab). She also is director of RIXC, The Center for new media culture in Riga. Rasa Smite is key founder (together with Raitis ?mits and J?nis Garan?s) of the E-LAB (1996) and RIXC (2000) and since 1996 have been organisers of the annual "Art+Communication" festival in Riga, Latvia. She is also founder and chief editor of the "Acoustic Space" publication series (published since 1998 by E-Lab / RIXC, and since 2007  in collaboration with MPLab at Liep?ja University). She is also writes about new media art and network culture, and is author of book "Creative Networks" (published by RIXC and LiepU MPLab, 2011). She has been working creatively as artist, organiser and curator, initiating and implementing a number of networked art and digital culture projects - locally in Latvia as well internationally. She has participated in numerous conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and festivals; and has been expert and member of various boards on new media culture.

Bureau d'études (Fr)

Evolving Theatre is a public place for activities and research to do with an urban micro-ecosystem focusing on the cohabitation and fulfillment of inhabitants, human and non-human alike.
The conceptual group Bureau d’études is developing a collective programme dovetailing art, theory and research, which is conveyed in particular by the making of maps about power networks and complexes. Aware of the limits of an exclusively critical approach, the group is preparing the construction of an Experimental Commune in a rural environment based on a three-way articulation between culture, economy and society. Between 2003 and 2011, Bureau d’études has taken part in many exhibitions throughout Europe, and in particular at the Generali Foundation in Vienna, the Istanbul International Biennial, the Rennes Biennial of Contemporary Art, the Nottingham Museum of Contemporary Art in London, the Karlsruhe art centre in Germany, and the Serralves Foundation in Porto.  

5.30pm-6.30pm Keynote : Fukushima, power, medias

Maxence Layet (FR)

As a former consultant in organization and change management at France Telecom and a science journalist for the past 10 years, Maxence Layet is a renowned specialist in the fields of new energy and electromagnetic environmental technologies. He is the author of numerous films and books, of which “Sous le feu des ondes,” (Under fire from waves), a documentary broadcasted by Arte in 2009, and “Futur 2.0, Comprendre les 20 prochaines années”, a book written with Frédéric Kaplan and Philippe Bultez Adams (FYP, 2007). His articles about innovation, clean technology, sustainable development and environmental issues have been published in numerous media, including Le Monde, Effervesciences,, and Le Monde de l’intelligence. Maxence Layet has been working as the EU parliament on Fukushima catastrophy.