Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop. Look. Listen.

An international selection of award winning short films, music-driven moving image and rarely seen graphic experiments, with an emphasis on new talent, innovative storytelling and original style.

Curated by Claire Spencer Cook 

First selection (Foyer historique side)

Zeitguised – Une petite monographie

Zeitguised are a creative studio based in Berlin. Originally trained in architecture, their unique art fuses motion graphics, live action and 3D and is very much influenced by nature and biology. This short selection of recent work includes a premiere of their brand new personal project, ‘Birds’, a test for a fashion short and a mind boggling experiment in almost touchable, shiny 3D animation.


Birds / Zeitguised (02:00 / Allemagne 2014)

A high speed visual feast, where birds become colourful abstracted mutations of the original creatures they represent. This is a special premiere of their brand new work just for Gaîté lyrique. 


Comme des Organismes / Zeitguised  (02:00 / Allemagne 2014)

What would fashion look like if it were not a line of clothes modelled on the catwalk but reinterpreted as a series of autonomous life forms? A reimagining of the spring 2014 collection by Comme Des Garcons/ Rei Kawakubo. Digital artwork available to buy via Sedition Art.


Nudeness / Zeitguised (02:00 / Allemagne 2013)

Originally conceived as a fashion film for Dior but never released, this graphic visual mash-up, playfully explores the colour ‘nude’ through a treasure trove of random objects, including skulls, apples, pocket watches and gilded bicycles.


Second selection (grande salle side)

Now go and meet the characters in the current exhibition  Motion Factory !


Seed / Johnny Kelly (02:00 / Royaume-Uni 2009)

An amusing paper-craft mini odyssey, where a humble apple seed embarks on a long journey. The seed passes through the human who ate it, into the water system, and re-enters the food chain to begin life as a new tree.

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The Bumblebeez / The Glue Society: Misfits (03:50 / Australie 2010)

This Australian indie production features a lonely character whose outfit metamorphoses each time he is accosted by a member of the unfriendly public. From a delight of pegs, to a ball of green wool and a cluster of ribbons made from plastic carrier bags, his disguise becomes increasingly surreal.

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Txt Island / Chris Gavin (03:30 / Royaume-Uni 2010)

Man descends on a pristine tropical island, turning a natural paradise into an overdeveloped tourist trap in the blink of an eye. An innovative stop-motion adventure in typography, where the story is created out of plastic stick-on signboard letters.

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Pop Levi / George Wu : (A Style Called) Crying Chic (05:00 / Royaume-Uni 2006)

When a young woman is found murdered in an abandoned train yard, a suspect is brought in for questioning. A vintage BBC commissioned New Music Short, which uses paper-craft mixed with live action hands and lo-fi props to result in a charming ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ style adventure.

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Katachi / Shugo Tokomaru / Kijek & Adamski (03:20 / Pologne / Japon 2013)

A rainbow melody in stop-motion, where the silhouette of the lead singer moves through a graphic world of comic book-inspired cut-outs. The film was constructed from approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates and cut by machine.

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Fear of Flying / Conor Finnegan (09:00 / Ireland 2013)

A bird with a fear of flying tries to avoid heading South for the winter. As the snow starts to fall, the South becomes a more attractive idea after all, especially since his sweetheart has already taken flight. But how to get there? The charming character modelling and intricate sets in this award-winning short should give any viewer a warm and fluffy feeling afterwards.

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Claire Cook

Senior Producer and Curator for film and interactive projects, including installations, events and web / mobile. At Nexus Interactive Arts, Claire is responsible for developing original IP with interaction designers and animation directors as well as producing interactive productions for commercial and arts commissions. 
From 2006 - 2010, Claire was the Senior Producer for BBC Film Network, the BBC's online showcase for new British filmmaking talent. She launched and produced the Kermode Uncut video blog for film critic Mark Kermode and commissioned and produced the annual BBC short film production schemes with BBC Films, including Oscar and Bafta nominated shorts. For 5 years at onedotzero, she managed and programmed the content for its digital moving image festival and international tour, the DVD label and short film distribution. She has also worked in both development and commissioning of short form web series for MTV Italy, was Producer of short form content at Stink Productions and kicked off her career in film distribution for atomfilms, the US-based short film entertainment site. She started out in film by studying French and German with European Cinema at Cambridge University.