Stage Adolidays (Stage Teendays)

by Jerry Do It Together

Stage Adolidays (Stage Teendays)

Fabrication d’un ordinateur DIY* à partir de composants électroniques de récupération et de bidons en plastique : chaque participant démonte, teste, installe...

ages 12 to 16

Using salvaged electronics and plastic jugs, make a DIY computer: each participant will have the chance to take apart, test, install, decorate… The computers will then be used to showcase games from la Gaîté lyrique's Video Game Space.

Hands-on family workshops to experiment

The digital age and its tools that come without user manuals or theory celebrate experimentation, the trial and error approach, but also the body and the senses. Because they have no preconceived notions of the world, children are perhaps the first hackers. Between science, art and DIY culture, Capitaine futur invites you to discover the voracious joys of experimentation and collective intelligence through eight original workshops conducted by artists featured in the exhibition.