Planningtorock + Ssion + Léonie Pernet + Anna Meredith + The Seth Bogart Show

Planningtorock + Ssion + Léonie Pernet + Anna Meredith + The Seth Bogart Show

Un joyeux mélange entre artistes pop, electro, expérimentale, mais tous résolument fiers et bruyants pour une soirée 100% fun, épique et sensible !


Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock is a performance and video artist as well as a musician and the owner of a Berlin-based label. After her first LP Have It All was released on the Chicks on Speed label in 2006, she signed with DFA, where she's collaborated with many artists, including Mount Sims for a rock opera and The Knife.

Up until rencently, her music tended towards melodic and hybrid electro made of pinched chords and disturbing synthesizers. Now, with All Love's Legal, an album-manifesto for love and gender and sexual orientation equality, she is turning towards a more straightforward pop with dance music leanings.  With titles like "Misogyny Drop Dead", "Patriarchy Over and Out", and "Let's Talk About Gender Baby", sung in a skillfully altered pitch to blur the boundaries between identities, All Love's Legal is the anthem for a resistance movement that must continue to organize.


Ssion, a multifaceted pop project with hints of camp, is carried by the hilarious, mustache-sporting Cody Critcheloe, a musician, performer and video artist (he has directed music videos for Gossip and Kylie Minogue) who doesn't hesitate to play with codes and genres.

By mixing the most codified mainstream music - Madonna circa Holiday -with the dirtiest and most refined underground music -just listen to his cover of Hole's Credit In the Straight World-he parodies to excess, borrowing and reclaiming the clichés of pop without taking himself seriously.

Léonie Pernet

Leonie Pernet is a free and brilliant human being. This  gifted, 26-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Paris has a knack for composition and perfect pitch. Equally at home on the piano and on percussion, which she studied when she was younger, last year she released Two of Us on the Kill the DJ label, an intense and inspired EP with ample and strong melodies that borrow as much from Radiohead as they do from Aphex Twin and Philip Glass.

Alone on stage, she moves from the keyboard to the cymbals without blinking - in fact, she played drums for Yuksek for the space of a tour. It is also without blinking that she lapses into assured musical activism: a descendant of the spirit of Pulp, she's created  Corps versus Machine queer clubbing evenings and delivered, during the debate on marriage for all, a stylish mix to the glory of Christiane Taubira. Oh yeah!

Anna Meredith 

British musician Anna Meredith pursued a classical education before turning to electronic music. Born in 1978 into a family of artists, she studied clarinet and percussion before launching into composition. Alongside her acoustic and classical work, she turned to the machines and released two EPs on the Moshi Moshi label: Black Prince Fury in 2012 and Jet Black Raider in 2013. Anna Meredith delivers eccentric and epic electro with surprising patterns. For Loud and Proud, she will be performing with classical musicians.

​She then attended the prestigious Royal College of Music. In 2004, she landed a residency with the BBC Scottish Symphonic Orchestra, for which she went on to compose works until 2007, winning numerous awards along the way. In 2012, she composed and conducted Hands Free for the 165-member National Youth Orchestra, a work in which the young artists tap their hand without ever touching their instrument.

The Seth Bogart Show 

Seth Bogart is back! The charismatic and fantastical frontman of Hunx & his Punx and Gravy Train returns to the stage with a multimedia solo performance he's titled "Entertainment Theatre". This work, which is being presented for the very first time, is a loose interpretation of what makes up the basis of his character, a queer entity inspired by cartoons, a DIY spirit that brings to mind the spirit of John Waters, and of course good music filled with highty colorful references: Pee Wee's Playhouse, Kraftwerk and Le Tigre.

His album is scheduled for release in the fall of 2015 on the very qualitative label Burger Record.

loud & proud

a four-day celebration of queer culture

The LOUD & PROUD festival explores the way minorities are represented on the French cultural scene and proposes to give back priority to bodies and identities that have been neglected and made invisible by the music industry, by programming a series of concerts and performances by queer artists over a period of four days.  Between July 2 and 5, la Gaîté is proud to host its first festival of queer music and culture.

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