Notre Monde

Notre Monde

Between manifesto and documentary, this film transforms a reflection into a bright matter.

Notre Monde

Directed by Thomas Lacoste (119’, 2013)
Produced by La bande passante
Distributed by Shellac

With Thomas Lacoste and other guests in attendance (details to follow shortly)

Bringing together more than 35 speakers, philosophers, sociologists, economists, judges, doctors, academics and writers, Our World provides a forum for expression in order to work, as Jean-Luc Nancy invites us to do so, at achieving "a common thought."
More than just an open forum for speech, Our World is based on an abundant collection of concrete proposals that act as an individual, collective, and critical reminder: "engage in politics" and preferably in a different way.
Thomas Lacoste, founder of The Other Campaign parallel to the 2007 presidential campaign and author of the interviews Penser critique (Critical Thinking), an ethical and political survival kit for crisis situations (47 films, 24, Editions Montparnasse, 2012), offers here a deep breath of air, like a pause in the fast-paced world of politics.


«  Happiness is
a Warm Gun »

Curated by Benoît Hické*, this deliberately prospective screening series provides an extension to the Happy Show exhibition by questioning the meaning of community: is together really better? How to take action?  What is love? Is it possible to laugh at everything?  Colorful images, animated guests, smiles and theories: "Happiness is a Warm Gun" will consist of three evenings of screenings (political documentaries, previously unseen features, and artist films) with the filmmakers in attendance.

*Benoît Hické is a journalist and film programmer, namely for the Museum of Natural History, la Gaîté lyrique (the musiquepointdoc series, screenings programmed as part of the exhibit 2062, and F.A.M.E - Film & Music Experience) and the Museum of Hunting and Nature.