Extra Fantômes

The real, the fake, the uncertain

Extra Fantômes
© Louis David Najar

In a world where scientific rationalism rules, interest is on the rise for alternative forms of relating to the world and to others.

The exponential development of technology is paradoxically a time there is a surge in attention and demand for magical, unexplained and mythological phenomena.

La Gaîté lyrique - first a theatre, then a reference for operetta, a theme park, an abandoned building hosting secret rave parties - is now a digital culture space filled with stories and memories. 

Haunted mirrors, invisible surveillance, living houses, occult cyborgs, spectral machines, intangible waves and virtual existence: la Gaîté lyrique’s new exhibition presents a selection of contemporary artworks about a variety of ghostly figures: the real, the fake and the uncertain.

Brush, touch, interact... And let yourself be surprised! 

               Metamorphy by Scenoscome                                           Spectres by Malte Martin

Conceived as an entirely immersive journey, Extra Fantômes ’ scenography offers a playful, strange and poetic exploration.

Built in 4 sections - the Darkness, the Red Room, the Control Room and the Bunker  - the visitor dives in a circuit of secret passages, phantasmagorical universes, uncertain visions.

The Darkness stages the haunted house’s codes : gloom, suspense, phantoms and uncertain visions.
The Red Room is devoted to the occult and the phantasmagorical and takes a strange, dreamlike air.
The Control Room directly refers to the real world through scientific codes and laboratories where one discovers the hidden dimensions of our co-existence with the technological world. We discover invisible fields, we tame robotic surveillance.
• The last part, the Bunker, introduces the visitor to various strategies explored by artists in order to disappear at last and to become ghosts in the eyes of the machines.

With :

Timo Arnall, Charlotte Charbonnel, Gregory Chatonsky, Paolo Cirio, Daily tous les jours, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, DeFrame, David Ebner, Adam Harvey, Jørn Knutsen, Golan Levin, Malte MartinEinar Sneve Martinussen, Kyle McDonald, Onformative, Scenocosme : Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt, Semiconductor, Antoine Schmitt, Mathieu Schmitt, Bram Snijders, Karolina Sobecka, Chris Sugrue, Nils Völker et Tobias Zimmer

Curating & scenography : Daily tous les jours
Artistic consultant : Anne-Sophie Bérard
Exhibition graphic design : Studio Pilote

• The exhibition will be adapted and presented at the Centre Phi – Montreal in early 2017.