Come play with the sounds of the impossible

Come play with the sounds of the impossible
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Imagine the sounds of the impossible, from black holes or Mars. Bring along three everyday objects which make interesting sounds and come along and explore the sounds of the impossible with Nelly Ben Hayoun.

The workshops initially planned on October 20th and 21rst have been reprogrammed to a session on October 27th.

Apollo 11, has been topic to many suspicions. Ranging from Bill Kaysing’s pamphlet "We Never Went to the Moon" to the plot seeing Stanley Kubrick and NASA collaborating to manipulate masses and designing sets and the event itself. Indeed, it is a fact that the original footage disappeared…

Looking for moon dust and the sound of Neil Armstrong’s ‘small step’, Nelly Ben Hayoun is on a quest to recover that lost data. With the assistance of scientists … and Foley Artist Sue Harding, you will speculate on this sound, that moon walk that changed the way we understood gravity and the use of technology for space travel.
Aiming to bring back tangibility into that scene, you will propose you own interpretation of what it could have been/ what it should have been. You will act on History and participate to this spatial experience. Between Science Fiction and reality we will aim to hear together what it sounded like.

You will become players of a Moon Chorus by foley-ing Apollo 11 historical event. Foley is the making, design and performance of everyday and background sounds, usually happening in the filmmaking discipline. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the swishing of clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass.
Foley creates a sense of reality within a scene.

In group of 3, you are to propose a sound reenactment of the Apollo mission.
Each team players will be assigned a particular element of the film:
Moon surface
Astronaut outfit

Nelly Ben Hayoun and Sue Harding will advise and give feedback on the suitability of the proposals.

Your final presentation will be in the form of a 5 minute (MAX) live performance.

Apollo footages will be put to your disposition. You will have to bring various objects with ‘intriguing’ sounds.
Your performance will feed into the sound library of Moon Dust Remix. It will be filmed and sound mixed and recorded. One of the group will win a chance to perform live at La Gaité Lyrique on 3rd November.


Part of the "Moon Dust Remix", a Technology in our Everyday event. 

Workshop for 14 year-olds and upwards, from 2pm to 5pm.

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