City of God

Bitterkomix's mural painting

City of God

Learn how the first South African underground comic book developed its own atmosphere and tone.

Born out of an internal necessity, Bitterkomix is an enraged comics magazine founded in 1992 by Anton Kannemeyer and Conrad Botes.

Publishing stories in Afrikaans that are both political charges and social satires, it is the oldest underground publication on the continent. Ruthless and crude, Bitterkomix dissects South African society - especially the white community - and with the violence of its drawing denounces brutality, hatred, and repression in all theirs forms (social, political, sexual). For the project at la Gaîté Lyrique, Bitterkomix has created images in the form of a gallery of stereotypical portrayals of Sharp Sharp Johannesburg, a striking mural that captures the persistence of religious and ideological shackles, and that is made up of original art boards.

• Represented by South African gallery Michael Stevenson.   After the meeting with Bitterkomix, this installation will be open to all to see from October 12th to November 8th.