Aéroports / Ville-monde

Aéroports / Ville-monde
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Frightening or exciting, airports are the symbol of a new lifestyle, nomadic, connected, globalized. The exhibition Airports / Global city invites you to an ephemeral airport terminal to rediscover this poetic place.

“Today my favorite kind of atmosphere is the airport atmosphere” wrote Andy Warhol who hated flying.

From a departure board carrying the names of made-up cities to poetic markings, Aéroports / Ville-monde flies you to a transposed, disturbed, virtual airport. This immersive and critical path mixes disciplines: it shows pieces created by plastic artists, designers, architects, musicians, roboticists, authors, digital artists, all invited to turn La Gaîté Lyrique into an airport terminal.

And what if the airport were dictating the evolution of our society? Many technologies have been created for an airport terminal before landing in a museum, a station or even a department store.
And what the airport, always moving and changing, were the most seizing mirrors of our times?

In an advanced globalized era, the airport is a lab for our contemporary life. It echoes and fixes all the major themes that rhythm life in our societies: mobility and surveillance, immigration and consumption, terrorism and globalized connection. Linked from one another by a uniform protocol, from Marseille to Yellowknife, they might be today the suburbs of an “invisible world capital”, foreseen by the SF writer J.G. Ballard, the tarmac of a global village, the doorstep of an artificial and virtualized world.

With Aéroports / Ville-monde, La Gaîté Lyrique questions contemporary technological environments, where spaces, technologies, lifestyles and imagination resonate in harmony.

Rerun and extension of the exhibition Terminal P
from June 18th to August 28th 2016 at La Panacée, Contemporary Art Center of the City of Montpellier

artists :

(Non exhaustive list)

Jasmina Cibic
DT Smith
Matthias Gommel
Marnix de Nijs
Adrian Paci
Joseph Popper
Degoutin Wagon
Jonathan Monk
Eli Commins
Cécile Babiole
An Te Liu
Audrey Martin
Masha Subina
Hiraki Sawa
Yorgo Tloupas

Curation: Franck Bauchard

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