Join our think tank [AFK]

In a world of constant change, La Gaîté Lyrique has taken a step towards building a future that is desirable, inclusive and sustainable, while helping private companies in the evolution of their business model. To do so, we have imagined [AFK] “Away From Keyboard”, a think tank to interrogate the new generation and understand the changes it is bringing to our era. [AFK] “Away From Keyboard” is a space for discussing and testing new ideas via a programme of experiences and brainstorming sessions for our members, as well as a large-scale annual public event to open up the conversation with people aged 25 and under. 

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Create a made-to-measure experience

La Gaîté Lyrique is also a creative agency. We conceive events and experiences in collaboration with Label Famille, a network of creatives in the fields of art, design, curation, strategic planning, illustration, video and scenography. Our two main proposals for brands: the knowledge and audience of a key Parisian cultural space, as well as the invention of new forms of narrative immersion that are both sustainable and engaging.


Hire a venue

A key space for creation and innovation located in the heart of Paris, La Gaîté Lyrique is the institution where culture and counter-cultures meet. Housed in a listed building, the spaces dedicated to events, exhibitions and performances covering a surface of 2,000m² (21,500 sq ft) in total blend modern architecture and cutting-edge technology. A highly-qualified team will help you imagine eclectic and innovative events. You can also book the exhibition that is currently on show for your company.


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Discover design fiction

La Gaîté Lyrique, the place where music and alternative futures meet, has teamed up with What If?, the French specialist of design fiction, to create the possibility to experiment with future scenarios. Design fiction is more than a consultancy service, a course and an immersive experience: it’s a unique opportunity to understand the challenges that your company may face and help your team make strategic choices in the context of a crisis.

Organise a company retreat

La Gaîté Lyrique imagines innovative formats for unforgettable team building moments: post-Internet dance classes, podcast creation, initiation to design fiction, immersive visits… Coupled with made-to-measure service provision, we’ll help you organize a memorable experience.