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From 18 June to 7 August 2011
Skateboard Culture


La Gaîté lyrique invites skateboarding culture for the summer.


La Gaîté lyrique invites skateboarding culture for its first major summer theme and presents Public domaine - Skateboard culture, from Saturday 18 June to Sunday 7 August, 2011. With Public domaine - Skateboard culture, "skateboarding" expresses itself in full freedom through all of la Gaîté lyrique's spaces via the various artistic spheres that it influences: music, graphics, cinema, photography, fashion, video games... Public domaine – Skateboard culture gives voice to those who have forged themselves uncommon lives after being touched by the skateboard.

Under the direction of Jérôme Delormas - la Gaîté lyrique's director, Public domaine – Skateboard culture is the brainchild of Vincent Carry - artistic advisor to la Gaîté lyrique in collaboration with Pedro Winter and Morgan Bouvant - invited representatives, Yogi Proctor and Sébastien Carayol – consultants and Benoit Rousseau, music programmer.
Public Domain, without the "e", is the name of one of the skateboarding videos produced by Stacy Peralta which helped revolutionize the aesthetics and image of skateboarding towards the end of the 1980s. 

Public Domaine, with an "e", is the homage paid to an art form which has chosen a plank and four wheels as its medium of self-expression with which to reclaim the public domain and to reinterpret it with its twists and whorls on the asphalt. Because "skateboarding" is much more than just a sport, an activity, a hobby or a means of transport... Over the years, it has forged itself a rich, evolving aesthetic and transformed itself in the course of its encounters with artists - from designers to musicians - who have taken it as their traveling companion.


© Jonathan Mehring-Rider: Jack Sabback-Extrait de la série Dark side of the moon(2011)



which brings together different perspectives on the skateboarding culture via original creations, retrospectives and installations spread throughout the building.
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in the exhibition spaces and at the regular meetings

including "Skateboarding Day" - Tuesday 21 June, the "Etnies nest 25  party" - Thursday 30 June and the "30 years of Thrasher magazine" - Saturday 2 July, The chosen party by NIKE SB - Saturday 2 July and GIRL Skateboard Night- Wednesday 22 June
and lectures by Pascal Monfort on Saturday 25 June and Friday 1st July.

A SKATE SPOT with demos by skate teams (Etnies, Girl, Nike SB, …) with an introduction to skateboarding.

A selection of VIDEO GAMES and a dedicated collection of BOOKS, FILMS, multimedia resources and magazines at the Resource Center.

  • A ne pas manquer

Skate Spot
From 21 Jun to 7 Aug 2011
La Gaîté lyrique's skate-spot is a mini-ramp installed in the Emile-Chautemps square in front of la Gaîté lyrique, open for free practice. Read more
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Public Domaine Exhibition
From 18 Jun to 7 Aug 2011
Public Domaine - skateboarding culture exhibitions gather views on skate culture mixing new creations, retrospectives and installations spread throughout the building. Read more
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  • Les conférences

Skate the web by Tobias Leingruber
Wednesday 27 July 2011
Cet artiste allemand propose de revisiter l'expérience d'internet du "surfer sur le web" à "skater le web", pour une vision créative de la toile vue par les skaters. Read more

  • Les Projections

video soirée Seb Carayol : Wild in the streets
Thursday 4 August 2011
Pour cette dernière projection Public Domaine, Seb Carayol choisit une programmation en hommage au skate de rue - Wild in the Streets Read more
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  • Les concerts

Thursday 28 July 2011
Du hip-hop expérimental par le groupe new-yorkais Anti-Pop Consortium qui rafraîchit la scène hip-hop depuis les années 90. Read more
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  • Pour approfondir

hors-les-murs : Paris & création
From 11 Jul to 5 Aug 2011
La Gaîté lyrique et 7 autres institutions culturelles investissent les vitrines des Galeries Lafayette Boulevard Haussmann dans le cadre de Paris&Création. Read more
Event finished
Jeux vidéo
Arcade space: Public Domaine
From 18 Jun to 7 Aug 2011
28 tailor-made games form part of the Public Domaine – Skateboard culture program from Grand Theft Auto to Tony Hawk Pro Skate. Read more
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Resources Centre
Resource center : Public Domaine
From 18 Jun to 7 Aug 2011
To extend the Public Domaine – Skateboard culture experience at la Gaîté lyrique, the Resource Center offers a dedicated set of books, magazines and videos. Read more
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From 18 Jun to 7 Aug 2011
On the occasion of Public Domaine at la Gaîté lyrique, the creative-store AMUSEMENT becomes a real skate-shop next-generation. Read more
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