Exhibition (Public Domaine)

Public Domaine Exhibition

From 18 June to 7 August 2011

Price: 7€ / 5€ / gratuit

© Jonathan Mehring - rider : Jack Sabback - extrait de la série Dark side of the moon (2011)
Public Domaine - skateboarding culture exhibitions gather views on skate culture mixing new creations, retrospectives and installations spread throughout the building.



La Gaîté lyrique has taken the cliché of an underground and marginalized culture bodily, transforming R-1 (exhibition space) into a "bunker of the rebellion". Underground as a place, underground as these artists can be. 
Every artist presented works in a different discipline: film, graphic design, contemporary art... But they all meet at one point: they have transformed the skateboard into a medium of confrontation, of communication, through which they document a certain urban malaise, magnetized by the enticing throb of the underground. At R-1, in the small hall, a selection of films focuses on those who have used the skateboard as a medium of artistic expression. In these works, the board is reinterpreted as an object, serving to confront the public at large, reveling in the explosive character of its own nature… 
Notably with:
- a selection of artists curated by Sade Coy : Neck Face, Yogi Proctor, Adam Wallacavage, Donny Miller, Deanna Templeton, Cleon Peterson, Michael Burnett, Mike O'Meally and other surprises
- a video installation by Fred Mortagne
- an exclusive photographic collaboration between Benjamin Deberdt and Marc Gonzales
- a selection of videos made by William Strobeck, Matthias Fennetaux, William Strobeck, Ludovic Azémar, Ty Evans, Don Brown and Claude Jutra
-  "Agents provocateurs" a selection of skateboards designed by  Alyasha Moore, Andy Jenkins, Ben Horton, Ed Templeton, Eli Morgan Gesner, Fos, Marc McKee, Mike Hill, Moish Brenman, Sean Cliver, Michael Sieben, Todd Francis, Winston Tseng, Johnny "Mojo" Munnerlyn, Colin Price and Donny Miller

DOMAINE PUBLIC - On the Ground Floor and at R+1


Domaine Public has taken the general title of the exhibition to bring together different perspectives of the skateboarding culture. As though remixed in a giant sampler, sculptors, graphic artists, videographers, animators and musicians cohabit are juxtaposed at la Gaîté lyrique. Domaine Public, on the 2 levels, shows how skaters see the world from their board, and when they step down, how they move in the urban environment. 
From futuristic visions and historic artifacts, the exhibited works trace an invisible parallel with la Gaîté lyrique's own historical heritage and showcase the creative vibrations which emanate from the pores of skateboarding culture. They explain how a counter-culture creates its own art language - without excluding the spectators, who are invited to share their alternate views. 
Notably with: The Art Dump  (Eric Anthony, Hershel Baltrotsky, Jeremy Carnahan, Michael Coleman, Andy Jenkins, Christian Morin, Andy Mueller, Evan Hecox & Chris Waycott), ILL Studio, Natas Kaupas, Fred Mortagne, Mike Manzoori, DVNO, Rémi Brun, Sade Coy, Cédric Viollet and Edouard Le Scouarnec. 
Nike SB will also present The Chosen a participative installation as part of the exhibition.



Welcome Home, then, for a novel session of home skating. Better than street, better than ramp, home skating is skateboarding's allegorical way of ensuring that it is never forgotten - by infiltrating the most intimate parts of everyday life. In this new kind of house, past films haunt the present, its furniture inspired by skateboarding. There will also be a life-size replica of a house of the future designed around the movements of a skater. During the seven weeks of Public Domaine, professional skaters will be invited to test it - ultimate proof that the skateboard can truly adapt itself to all environments. 
Notably with:  The introduction to Pierre-André Sénizergues's skateboardable house, PAS House, designed by Gil Le Bon Delapointe with the help of architect François Perrin. PAS House is accompanied by Lance Mountain's "Pool Tables" and Benjamin Chasselon's series of paintings "My dad's favorite cover" and a selection of videos.

L'INSTANT DÉCISIF (The decisif moment) - At R+4


The decisive moment is the last space dedicated to photography. It is Thrasher magazine, the incontestable American Bible of world skateboarding's photography, which attempts to trace the passage between the past and the future via a collage, presenting a retrospective of iconic clichés on the occasion of its... thirty years of radical and uncompromising publication. More than just a magazine, Thrasher dictates the worldwide canons of anti-commercial skateboarding and has been grinding, its "skate and destroy" image. "Skate and Destroy" presents pictures by  Bryce Kanights, Mofo, Kevin Thatcher, Luke Ogden, Rhino,Michael Burnett, Patrick O’Dell, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, David Broach, Gabe Morford…
To counterbalance this hard-hitting anti-image, the invited photographers are not afraid to take skateboarding photography and skateboarding in general to new frontiers. Using 15 flat screens of different sizes to create a moving portfolio, each artist presents a series on this ephemeral picture rail and works around an invisible frontier: the one between the venerable medium that is photography and its presentation on the most modern displays possible. With Jon Mehring, Cédric Viollet, Brian Gaberman,Taro Hirano, Sem Rubio, Dan Boulton, Benjamin Deberdt, Patrick O'Dell, Deeli, Eric Antoine, Travis Dove, Rich Gilligan, Bertrand Trichet, Buzzy Sullivan, Sergej Vutuc, Fred Mortagne, Gus Duarte, Giovanni Reda, Davy Van Laere, Atiba Jefferson, Sam Ashley...

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