Human Beatbox Workshop

In keeping with the System D spirit characteristic of sound system cultures, la Gaîté is offering workshops for all.

Une initiation à la pratique du Human Beatbox et au détournement de smartphones comme outils de contrôle de la musique, avec un atelier mené par Ezra du collectif Bionicologist. 

An introduction to the human beatbox and discovering how to turn smartphones into tools for music control, with a workshop led by Era from the Bionicologist collective.

For ages 10 and older.

In partnership with the Paris Hip Hop festival.

Workshop program

  • From bedroom to pro: where Ezra fits in with the beatbox movement and music of today
  • History of the beatbox: ancestral techniques, the emergence of the human beatbox generated by machines, the evolution of the movement via the internet, networks around the world, current artistic approaches.
  • Vocal organs: percussive and melodic sounds with lips, tongue, and throat.
  • Techniques specific to the beatbox: creating rhythms, learning different ways to breathe, producing several sounds simultaneously.
  • Educational tools: games, exercises, group improvisations and orchestrations.
  • Using the machines: looping, effects, music.
  • How Ezra & the Cie. Organic Orchestra were able to develop new tools for controlling sound, light, and video with objects from everyday life (iphone, wiimote, kinect ...)


Les Voyageurs du numérique

Les Voyageurs du numérique

Initiation à la programmation informatique

Come learn how to code and create your first game or animated short.

  • Every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm
Game Older

Game Older

juin 2013

Game Older or how to introduce the hobby of video games to seniors.

  • Tous les jeudis de 14h à 16h hors vacances scolaires
Initiation à la blockchain pour les femmes

Initiation à la blockchain pour les femmes

Les Hackeuses

Blockchain, crypto, bitcoin... Les Hackeuses proposent à toutes les femmes de s'initier à ces technologies et entrer dans l'écosystème des blockchains et cryptos très masculin pour le faire évoluer de l'intérieur.

  • Thursday 20 June 2019 at 14h00